Bape Camo Tote Bag & Milo Zip Pouch Set

Bape Camo Tote Bag & Milo Zip Pouch Set

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BAPE has released a luxurious 2-item set: an interior storage bag that can be used at home and a fluffy milo pouch that can be used alone!
It has a large capacity of 10 large pockets, 5 inside and 5 outside. For the storage bag, select the familiar black camo pattern.
Small items can be sorted in each pocket for easy organization. 
It's designed to be used as a bag for short outings, so it's sure to be useful both inside and outside the house!
It comes with a large tag on the front.
Fluffy Milo Pouch is a convenient item that can be used with a storage bag or by itself.
The zipper charm is an original three-dimensional design of a cute banana! 

Size (approx.)
Tote: Horizontal 28 x Vertical 18.5 x Depth 15cm
Pouch: Width 25 x Height 11 x Depth 4cm